Corporate – Health and Safety


Office facilities are communities in themselves with an infrastructure that differs from building to building.

There are potentially many stakeholders coming together for varied tasks,from Maintenance, security, public service employees and members of the public.

Without a robust health and safety culture in place across all of these areas the risk expands from just physical forms of hazards through to actions from one group creating a risk to others in the building.

The key is to combine strategies where this potential arises and monitor those initiatives.

Sample projects

  • Auckland City Administrative buildings.
  • Town Hall
  • Art Gallery
  • Auckland Library
  • Public Car parks

Scope of works

Carry out a hazard risk assessment to include fall risk and risk to public

Identify stakeholders using the building and take a holistic view of the different workplace safety systems in use and combine and assess the overall effectiveness and compliance with HASE Act

Audit existing safety systems

Develop systems and strategies to assist stakeholders and parallel all systems in place

Develop a monitoring system to ensure ongoing effectiveness of the safety systems in place. Maintenance procedures and audit on a routine basis.