Events – Health and Safety


Event management offers a variety of risk factors that lay in wait for the unwary organiser.
There are many stakeholders coming together for varied tasks, From the “Build” stage to the “pack out” stage and the time in between where members of the public are throughout the area.

Without a robust health and safety culture in place the risk is just too big to ignore.
By the time the patrons arrive all systems must be in place and procedures in place for the possible situations that may arise, from a twisted ankle from a customer fall through to a full on emergency situation.

The public coming to events deserve the protection of a well managed health and safety system in place

Sample projects

  • Premiere Promotions
  • Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show
  • The Pet Show
  • The Caravan and Motor home show.

Events - health and safety

Events - health and safety

Scope of works

Carry out a hazard risk assessment to identify what the activities being carried out are, and what risk they could present

Identify stakeholders and take a holistic view of the areas of activity and those people involved or visiting

Develop systems and strategies to manage the event with little or no profile that may lesson the experience of those taking part.

Develop a monitoring system to ensure ongoing effectiveness of the safety systems in place.

Monitor the event closely during the build up, actual event and the break down stage.