Maritime – Health and Safety


The maritime industry has a wide and diverse range of challenges.

The HASE legislation now includes ships and ships at sea.

This requires expanding the safety systems and procedures further than the obvious “at sea” collision, man overboard and running aground examples.

Our Client was concerned that the Safe Ships Management company they were using was not equipped to offer advice on the  creation of a truly robust safety system that would protect the team while at sea and the loading and unloading of the sand that the were contracted to dredge.

Without a robust health and safety system and culture in place across all of these areas the risk it was felt that the stakes were too high.

The key is to harness the wealth of experience that the crew had and mould that knowledge into a robust health and safety system.

Sample projects

  • Kaipara Tug Services
  • Kaipara Charters Ltd

Scope of works

Audit  existing safety systems

Carry out a hazard risk assessment to include not just the at sea risks but the unloading of sand and involvement of outside contractors in that role.

Create a Hazard register that truly represents the particular operation being undertaken.

By Vessel, by crew, by task, by person, by conditions and procedures

Develop systems and strategies to assist stakeholders and install those systems

Obtain crew “buy in” and involvement so that the system is their property.

Train the team in the management of those systems

Develop a monitoring system to ensure ongoing effectiveness of the safety systems in place. Maintenance procedures and audit on a routine basis.