Property Development – Health and Safety


Goodman Property Group is in the position of developing, managing and maintaining the numerous properties in their portfolio.

They recognised a long time ago the issues surrounding this process as there are many stakeholders coming together for varied tasks, from asset construction, maintenance, security, customer’s employees and members of the public.

Goodman realised that without a robust health and safety culture in place across all of these areas the risk expands from just physical forms of hazards through to actions from one group creating a risk to others.

Then there are the R&M contractors that come to sites, how do we protect everybody form those activities

The key was to combine strategies where this potential arises and monitor those initiatives

Property Development - Health and Safety

Scope of works

Assist the company to obtain a higher standard of health and safety. To assist them to raise the standard from very good to excellent.

To have that standard recognised by obtaining ACC’s WSMP accreditation.

Goodman now hold tertiary accreditation

Create a contractor pre qualification system and assist in the management of that system.

Monitor and audit Development projects for the Goodman and carry out assessments of R&M projects ensuring that situations where customers are cohabitating with the project activities, they are protected.

Take an active part in the H&S management process within the company by working with the team and assisting in areas identified which includes attendance at the H&S management meetings.

Audit  existing safety systems

This high standard is now being asked of the contractors that carry out work for the company and WSMP is fast becoming the required standard to be part of the relationship with Goodman.