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Workplace Safety

The Company:

Maher Associates Workplace Safety Ltd specialises in practical help and easy-to-follow advice for businesses faced with the complexities of complying with the Occupational Safety & Health Legislation.

They offer a wide range of services backed up with years of experience and credentials.

Assistance and guidance on a small issue, struggling with managing contractors or support for a full health and safety program, they can help.

They aim to make it easier for their clients to comply with all relevant workplace safety legislation. They do this by assisting with straight forward, easy-to-implement advice and systems that promote “best practice” in injury prevention and therefore create a happy, healthy and productive work environment.

Created in 1993 as a response to industry demands for practical, assistance with the then-just introduced health and safety legislation, Maher Associates Workplace Safety Ltd quickly earned a reputation for painlessly and efficiently guiding their clients through the steps needed for them to become fully compliant with the new rules.

Today, Maher Associates Workplace Safety Ltd continues to work closely with both new and existing clients, helping them implement and then maintain the systems they need for a compliant and safe work place.


The team:

Ralph Maher

Ralph MaherThe Principal of Maher Associates Workplace Safety Ltd has a strong Health & Safety background and undertakes ongoing professional development and peer review.

He offers a wealth of practical experience in many industries and is considered a valuable ongoing resource to industry generally.

Ralph has developed a reputation for lecturing on the subject of practical, easy-to-implement health and safety solutions and has a casual, friendly and strong presence when in front of a group.

Ralph was a “Registered Safety Professional” (RSP) and was also an Accredited Safety Auditor (ASA) with the NZ Safety Council. A partnership he valued. (Now resigned & semi retired)

Ralph was also a “Professional Member” of the New Zealand Institute of Safety Management. (Now resigned and semi retired)

Ralph is less active in the company but is always available for Client support



Julie Davy – Director

Julie comes from a teaching background and holds a Bachelor of Education Degree. As well as education she has been involved in a successful business for a number of years with  strengths in marketing and advertising. Julie has her Construction Supervisor Gold Card and is currently studying towards a formal Health and Safety Qualification to strengthen her knowledge base. Professional development and up skilling is a high priority for Julie as she applies a common sense and positive approach to Health and Safety, has strengths in building and maintaining professional relationships and enjoys being part of the team that strives to assist companies and organisations throughout New Zealand “Raise the Bar” with regards to Health and Safety.




Julia Garrett-Coyle – Associate

Julia GarrettJulia comes from a strong HR background and long time exposure to health and safety.

Various industry groups have benefited from her holistic approach to managing safety issues and influencing people’s behavior to enhance their overall safety.

In short she is a lovely person who really cares what goes on with those under her influence.
Financial, logistics, vehicle, environmental and construction have all been part of her responsibilities and she does make a difference. We are fortunate to have her as part of the team.